Twice On Sunday

I have no where to be...and I am fully present in these words that I am typing (no auto correction or filter). Death and Life are in the power of the tongue...isn’t that something to digest. I can see how one could speak loving, nurturing words to themselves about themselves or just the quite opposite. I would agree with the world that words do carry weight! They bear a past and a great vulnerability. In a difficult conversation with my husband William one day... I looked into his eyes and softly asked, what do you need in this moment? These words were a door to the most simplest desires he needed. Which makes me think how many other times I could have said that to him, my mother, my daughter, or a friend (vice versa) the end we all want to be heard and understood to a certain degree. We all have valid reasons to feel what we feel. My hope for myself is to be aware of the in-depth words I use for others and, most importantly to myself. We are what we say we are...not sure where that came from...but we are using it today! It’s always a space for gratitude, I am grateful for the continuities of life lessons! Be well, Kiesha

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