Twice On Sunday

I have no where to be...and I am fully present in these words that I am typing (no auto correction or filter). After all, what really happened in 2020 Kiesha? Had any truths made its appearance? Was there some kind of effective dialogue between you and you? Were you walking within your powers or walking in exhaustion? I know I’m not the only person with 101 questions... because guess what?!! We ALL had the time to ask some serious questions of self and people. In hindsight, I/we could have done a lot more! Let’s start with simply planning...planning out healthier meals, family time, time for self, and time with God! Secondly, was it only me that looked around and said...who is important to my well-being? My Dear, it’s some relationships that either need to end or be groomed (choose). If you don’t know by now...a sisterly community is essential, according to LIFE guidelines! Finally and above all... we had more than enough time to dream and pursue our dreams(or move the needle)! If not now then when, and if not you then who? I think it's a song from someone... but we're using it today! I ran across an unknown author words. After I write it, I want you to reflect and process it whole heartedly. "You didn't come this far to only come this far”. Self doubt does not belong in this year... stay on course! It’s always a space for gratitude, I am grateful for you! Be well, Kiesha

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